MDA's covid-19 response

'it's a team effort, we will get through this together'

MDA is closed

all classes online

IDP process stage 3


latest updates

13/5/20 - Please update your version of ZOOM to 5.0 ASAP. From the 30th May everyone will be required to have version 5.0 in order to be able to connect to their classes. To upgrade visit this link or in the ZOOM app click on your account icon in the top right and then click 'Check for updates'. 

06/5/20 - In accordance with the National Principles for Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities, MDA will resume classes at the studio once the Federal and/or NSW Government have announced that Level B activities (using the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport) can resume. 

23/4/20 - Current parents of MDA, please ensure your address details are correct in MDA's Parent Portal to ensure your dancer receives their special sent home gifts in week 3 of term :)

17/4/20 - Classes for term 2 will continue online until restrictions are lifted. 

22/3/20 - A copy of MDA's email to customers sent 22/3/2020 is available here.

22/3/20 - MDA's T&C's have been updated effective today to include 'Online or Live Streaming'. 

22/3/20 - With the Prime Minister’s message to Australian’s this evening regarding the closure of various venues to further enforce social distancing, we have decided to move to Stage 3 of our Infectious Disease Process meaning temporary closure. General classes at the studio will cease until further notice. Whilst we are not strictly on the list of venues requiring closure we feel now is the right time to do so. MDA will start online live steaming as of Monday. An email will be sent to all MDA families today with details. Please prepare a space for your dancer at home to be able to participate in remote classes :)

20/3/20 - We are experiencing some issues with our land line number 0299681121 due to the recent connection of our NBN. If you are unable to get through to us please use our web chat in the bottom right corner or email us

20/3/20 - MDA will ensure the cap of one person per 4sqm for indoor gatherings is adhered to for each of our rooms. This does NOT affect 95% of our classes, however some classes may require a studio change. Entry and exit to each studio will now take place via the verandahs. Parents are requested to wait outside or observe the number of people in the room if required to come inside. MDA will sign post each room with the maximum number of persons allowed.

18/3/20 - In response to the latest government announcement MDA will now move to stage 2 of our IDP noted below, with increased hygiene and distancing measures. Additionally, MDA is NOT affected by the the governments 100 person limit on non-essential indoor gatherings.

16/3/20 - MDA's COVID-19 policy updated to reflect current advice to include all countries in point 1 of exclusion criteria and exclusion.

16/3/20 - Richard Wilkins positive COVID-19 result does NOT effect MDA. Richard's son was last at MDA on the 5th March prior to Richard meeting Rita Wilson and has not returned since.

15/3/20 - Casual contact case has been medically cleared.

15/3/20 - As of Monday 16th March it will be a condition of entry to MDA's buildings for everyone to abide by our COVID-19 policy and Infectious Disease Process.

14/3/20 - MDA'S COVID-19 response webpage setup including latest update specific to MDA, our policy, infectious disease process, T&C's updates.

13/3/20 - MDA is NOT effected by the Governments announcement to suspend non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people. 

12/3/20 - The RAD Isobel Anderson awards has been postponed until further notice.

12/3/20 - MDA's COVID-19 policy has been updated to include Italy in the list of countries part of the exclusion period and criteria.

09/03/20 - MDA has emailed the latest policy update to families.

MDA's covid-19 policy


MDA believe it is important for children to keep a sense of 'normality' during this situation and maintain a routine in an activity which they love. We are however, concerned for the health and safety of the MDA community and to reduce the risk and continue to provide a safe environment we are following the same advice given to schools and childcare centres by the Department of Public Health and NSW Department of Education, as well as our own preventative measures. We request all families stringently follow the policy guidelines below...

Updated 18/3/2020 - Changes to this policy from the most recent update are highlighted.



Should any of the 5 points below apply to any customer of MDA or user of MDA's premises you MUST contact MDA IMMEDIATELY via email or 99681121

1) Any person (student, parent, MDA staff member or otherwise) who travelled to Australia from ANY COUNTRY will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.


2) Any person (student, parent, MDA staff member or otherwise) who has returned to Australia and has shown no symptoms during the 14 day self-isolation period is able to return to MDA. 


3) Any confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be excluded from MDA until they are medically cleared to return.


4) Close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded for 14 days since last contact with the confirmed case.

5) Suspect cases of COVID-19 and close contacts of a suspected case will be excluded from MDA until they are medically cleared to return.

Definitions of confirmed, suspect, close contact cases are available here

The current advice of the NSW Government to schools is available here.



1) Any person (student, parent, MDA staff member or otherwise) who is unwell and has any of the following symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) and their immediate family should NOT attend or be present at MDA.

Parents are required to contact MDA if the above applies to their dancer.

2) Any person (student, parent, MDA staff member or otherwise) at MDA who appears unwell with any of the following symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) will be asked to promptly leave or be collected from MDA.


3) Parents and MDA teachers are to reinforce hygiene measures including: requiring hands to be sanitised prior to entry and then frequently whilst at MDA, covering your mouth for sneezes and coughs, avoiding touching your face.


4) Please ensure your contact details are up to date to ensure MDA can appropriately and promptly contact you, log in to the MDA Customer Portal to check and update your details.


5) Additional measures MDA is taking: increased frequency of disinfecting ‘high touch' areas at the school, altered lesson plans to exclude physical touch between all participants, removed the use of common props with very limited exceptions as noted in MDA's Infectious Disease Protocol. 

6) Entry to MDA limited to students and a single family member (drop off/pick up at entry doors recommended). Those on site to practise safe distancing. During higher traffic times (Monday 3.30-6.00pm & Saturday 9.00-11.30am) when possible students to enter and exit directly into studios without proceeding to common areas.

7) Students are to bring their own drink bottle to class and not share with other students. No cups will be given from the kitchen for use.

For any clarification or questions on the above, please contact us on  


MDA's infectious disease PROCESS

MDA's IDP outlines the measures we implement to reduce the risk of infection at various stages. This should be read in addition to our COVID-19 policy.

Current process: STAGE 3 - Temporary closure of the studio with online live streamed classes.

While MDA is temporarily closed for general classes, any onsite attendees are responsible for maintaining the requirements under STAGE 2 of MDA's Infectious Disease Process...



As well as stage 1 measures...

 - Increased frequency of disinfecting ‘high touch’ areas/items (studio door handles, toilets, soap dispensers, tables/bench tops, common door handles).

 - Lesson plans altered to exclude physical touch between all participants.  

 - No use of any common props or equipment allowed (ballet barres, props or studio equipment). With prior and post disinfecting Ballet barres can be used by Ballet students ONLY. With prior and post disinfecting ACRO mats can be used by acro students only with prior and post disinfecting.

MDA attendees

 - Any person (student, parent, MDA staff member or otherwise) who is unwell and has any of the following symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) should NOT attend or be present at MDA.

 - Hands to be sanitised prior to entry and then frequently whilst at MDA.

 - Cough or sneeze into your arm.

 - On site attendees must practise social distancing.

 - Entry to MDA limited to students and a single family member.

 - Parents of our older more responsible students are encouraged to drop off and pick up. 

 - During higher traffic times (Monday 3.30-6.00pm & Saturday 9.00-11.30am) when possible students to enter and exit directly into studios without proceeding to common areas.

 - Dispose of your own rubbish and tissues

 - Own drink bottles required with no sharing (no cups given by MDA).


temporary changes to t&c's

Last updated 22/03/2020

In the current situation, the following changes to MDA's T&C's will be in effect until further notice to help accomodate MDA families during this time. Alterations and additions are highlighted and should be read in conjunction with MDA's terms & conditions of enrolment.

By allowing participation for a child under your care as a parent/legal guardian (or other such authority) in any Mosman Dance Academy Pty Ltd programme (including an online live stream or class) you acknowledge the following:




By participating in a live stream remotely, you acknowledge MDA’s live stream rules. 

1) Keep your camera ON. 

2) Only enrolled (or make up) dancers can participate. 

3) Ensure your camera positioning is appropriate and not invasive to your privacy or others. 

4) Parents are responsible for providing a safe environment for the dancer to participate in during the class. MDA is unable to control your home environment and can therefore take no responsibility for damage or injury.

5) Behaviour that violates MDA’s values will result in termination of the live stream.

6. Access to live streaming of classes is only available to active enrolled students of Mosman Dance Academy and you acknowledge that live streaming links will not be shared to anyone apart from those considered enrolled.


When your dancer physically attends a class at MDA:

1. Your class may be live streamed to other active participants of Mosman Dance Academy who are registered to attend the class.

2. Access to live streaming is only available to active customers of Mosman Dance Academy via secure login in the MDA Customer Portal.


If a student misses one of their scheduled classes, parents must notify MDA prior or within 72 (24) hours to be eligible for a make up class. Students with eligible make up classes can use these toward any of the available timetabled classes of the dancers level during the same term or the following term with prior notice. Make up classes can only be used by an enrolled student. Should a student drop a class from their enrolment any make up classes associated with the dropped class will be forfeited. Make-up classes will apply for any student who misses a class due to the criteria listed in MDA's COVID-19 policy.


Reschedule/Cancellation of private lessons - Dancers who are part of an MDA eisteddfod group, MDA soloists or dancers undertaking an MDA examination who require a regular lesson as part of their participation may only reschedule their lesson with 2 (24) hours notice, cancellations are not permitted. If 2 (24) hours notice has not been given the lesson will be forfeited.

Dancers not previously mentioned are required to give 2 (24) hours notice for cancellation of a private lesson or the lesson will be forfeited. When 2 (24) hours notice is given the lesson may be rescheduled or a full refund or account credit will be given for paid lessons.

All other MDA T&C's remain in place... MDA's full terms & conditions are available here


live stream instructions


To support our dancers at home during our current health crisis, MDA will be live streaming our classes.

What you will need...
• A computer or mobile device with speakers, a camera and internet connection.

• A suitable, clear and hazard free space to participate.


Ensure you have an MDA Customer Portal login. Visit MDA’s Customer Portal and then click on ‘Reset Password’. Enter your email address we send communications to and submit a password reset. Please contact us with any difficulties.

2) LOGIN TO MDA’s Customer Portal

Once logged in, from the dashboard you can view your dancers enrolled classes (you can filter classes to view TODAYs classes to make searching easier).


On the dashboard of the customer portal, each class description has a link to ‘Join the LIVE STREAM of this class’. For this to work you will need to install ZOOM on your mobile or desktop. You can do this now by clicking on ‘Join the LIVE STREAM of this class’ link and follow the prompts to install ZOOM.


At the time of your class click on the ‘Join the LIVE STREAM of this class’ and join via video. Please wait until your teacher allows you entry into the class. At the end of your class simply close the app.


If you have multiple classes...
• Once you have finished your class return to the MDA Customer Portal dashboard and click the link to your next class.
• If you have multiple students in different classes at the same time you will need a separate device for each student.

Happy dancing!

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