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MDA's COVID-19 Information

'It's a team effort, we will get through this together'

latest updates
Latest updates

22/01/22 - Classes resume on Monday 31st January with MDA's updated COVID Safe Plan available below. 

MDA's COVID Safe Plan

Conditions of entry effective 20th January 2023.

Please refer to the above COVID Safe Plan - Parents/Students for full plan.

1) If you or your dancer is feeling unwell or has tested positive to COVID please do not enter our buildings.

2) We recommend you sanitise hands on entry.

3) We prefer MDA students enter their class via the adjacent verandah.

5) MDA Students can only attend classes they have a confirmed enrolment in.

6) We prefer parents of MDA students to wait outside the premises and to limit entering to access MDA shop/reception/washrooms.

7) Notify MDA of a positive test result if you have been on the premises 48 hours prior.

Live Streaming Support

To support our dancers during the current health crisis, MDA will live stream classes during public lockdowns should they be required during the term.

What you will need...
• A computer or mobile device with speakers, a camera and internet connection.

• A suitable, clear and hazard free space to participate.


Ensure you have an MDA Customer Portal login. Visit MDA’s Customer Portal and then click on ‘Reset Password’. Enter your email address we send communications to and submit a password reset. Please contact us with any difficulties.

2) LOGIN TO MDA’s Customer Portal

Once logged in, from the dashboard you can view your dancers enrolled classes (you can filter classes to view TODAY's classes to make searching easier).


On the dashboard of the customer portal, each class description has a link to ‘Join the LIVE STREAM of this class’. For this to work you will need to install ZOOM on your mobile or desktop. You can do this now by clicking on ‘Join the LIVE STREAM of this class’ link and follow the prompts to install ZOOM.


At the time of your class click on the ‘Join the LIVE STREAM of this class’ and join via video. Please wait until your teacher allows you entry into the class. At the end of your class simply close the app.


If you have multiple classes...
• Once you have finished your class return to the MDA Customer Portal dashboard and click the link to your next class.
• If you have multiple students in different classes at the same time you will need a separate device for each student.

By participating in a live stream remotely, you acknowledge MDA's live stream rules...

1) Keep your camera ON. 
2) Only enrolled (or scheduled class make-up) dancers can participate. 
3) Ensure your camera positioning is appropriate and not invasive to your privacy or others. 
4) Parents are responsible for providing a safe environment for the dancer to participate in during the class. MDA is unable to control your home environment and can therefore take no responsibility for damage or injury.
5) Behaviour that violates MDA's values will result in termination of the live stream.
6) Access to live streaming of classes is only available to active enrolled students of Mosman Dance Academy and you acknowledge that you will not share  live streaming links will anyone.

Happy dancing!

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