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Sydney Ballet School

Full-Time & Part-Time

Sydney Ballet School

Mosman Dance Academy students wishing to pursue a career in Classical Ballet attend our

elite ballet programme via Sydney Ballet School

Part-Time Programme


Preparation is the key to success.

The Sydney Ballet School part-time classical ballet programme is designed for 11-13 year old students who wish to attend full-time classical study within 1-2 years. 

The programme is a one and/or two day per week programme designed to extend the students existing experience and study of classical ballet in preparation for the demands of our full-time programme. 

Core components of the programme include classical ballet, stretch and strengthening. 

New students are welcome to join this programme at any time during the year. 

While students may maintain regular dance classes with their current dance school, we recommended they attend Mosman Dance Academy classes to begin learning our training techniques for the best outcome if they wish to continue into our full-time programme.

Auditions for part-time are open during the year

Full-Time Programme


A full-time classical ballet programme like no other.

The Sydney Ballet School full-time programme has been designed for 13-17 year old students with a desire to become a professional classical ballet dancer. Our programme models those offered in European ballet schools and aims to prepare students for acceptance into international ballet schools and companies.

The core components of the programme across a 5 day week include classical ballet, stretch and strengthening, variations, pas de deux, contemporary and private coaching. Included in the weekly programme are specialised fitness and pilates coaching sessions with industry professionals designed to achieve the strength and stamina necessary for classical ballet. 

We believe training to become a professional classical ballet dancer is similiar to the training required for an elite athlete. This programme is designed to provide the students with the tools and support required for this pursuit. 

The programme adopts a wholistic approach to training students, whilst balancing their academic study and rest requirements. Students are required to continue with academic study through Sydney Distance Education or by other arrangement with an academic school. 

Examinations and core syllabus study is undertaken with the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Auditions for full-time can be taken anytime during the year. 

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