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Welcome to the official Mosman Dance Academy annual concert information page. This is where you will find all the information on our annual concert as it becomes available. 

important dates - 2019

Tickets on sale - Wednesday 6th November 12:00pm

MDA Studio Rehearsals - Saturday 2nd, 9th & 16th November

Venue Rehearsal - Saturday 23rd November

Concert Date & Times - Sunday 24th November 11.00am & 4:00pm



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annual concert





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on sale - wednesday 6th november 12.00pm

before you buy...

1) It is a condition of ticket purchase that your MDA account is paid in full, login to our customer portal to make a payment.

2) Know which show your dancer/s are performing in so you purchase tickets to the correct show. This information will be emailed to you prior to ticket sales or you can check the item schedule.


 - Everyone requires a ticket to watch the show.

 - Children under the age of 24 months do NOT require a ticket.

 - Performers who are only in act 1 or in act 2 are eligible to watch the show once they have performed. They will require a ticket to be seated with parents.

mda student tickets

Students of MDA are entitled to a half priced ticket. You must purchase a full priced ticket from the Big Top Box Office when you make your ticket purchase so you are seated together then forward a copy of your ticket receipt to MDA via A refund or MDA account credit for half the ticket price will be processed within 7 days after the concert. Your receipts must be sent to MDA by the last day of term 4 to be processed.

Wheelchair & special access

For all ticketing queries regarding accessibility please contact the Big Top Box Office on the number above between 10.00-12.00pm the day of ticket sales.

buying online

When purchasing tickets online, please be patient as the first day of ticket sales is busy. Please remember that there are enough seats for everyone. When purchasing tickets to both shows in one transaction select your tickets to the first show then click the 'FIND MORE TICKETS' button before checking out.

missing out... it won't happen

We have ensured that there will be enough seating for all family and friends to attend, no one will miss out on seeing the show. In addition, the view of the stage is very good from all seats at the big top

how to buy tickets







Click on the images below to download our concert poster from prior years...

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.08.31 pm.png


Is participation in the production compulsory?

No, participation in our annual production is not compulsory, however it is something that all students look forward to and is a great opportunity for them to dance on stage in fantastic costumes. We encourage all students to take part in our annual production as it is very rewarding and their chance to use their skills they have learned throughout the year. Please be aware that learning choreography for the annual production is part of general class lesson time.


I will be away during part of term 3 and/or 4, is that a problem?

Please inform us of the dates you will be away. We will check your absent dates with our teachers and respond as to your participation or an alternative which may include private lessons and/or make up classes where possible.


I will miss one/some of the rehearsals, can I still participate?

Please inform us of the rehearsals you will miss. We will check your absent dates with our teachers and respond as to your participation or an alternative which may include private lessons. All rehearsals are improtant so that all students in your group feel confident on stage. The venue rehearsal is particularly important as this is the only opportunity to practise on stage and to familiarise students with the venue. 


I have a little one in the concert and not sure if she/he will go on stage?

With our young dancers 4 and under, we have older students helping them on stage. This is so they feel a little more confident having a big person with them. Our older students also take part in the young dancers rehearsals so they become familiar with the other. We never force a students to go on stage as we want the experience to be a pleasent and long lasting one. If you feel unsure as to whether your dancer is ok for stage please check with your class teacher.


I've heard dance concerts go on forever, how long does your concert go for?

Each of our shows runs for approximately 3 hours, including a 25 minute interval with each act running approximately 70 minutes. We like to keep our shows to a reasonable length so you will stay and watch all of the students.


Do you know what show my dancer will be in and the rehearsal times?

Until we have final participant numbers we are not able to work out rehearsal schedules and which show your dancer may be performing in. We do apologise for this as we understand you are juggling many activities and committments. If you have a specific time clash please contact us with details.

Please contact MDA if you have additional questions.

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